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Custom Design Services for Specialty Signage

Sign Xpress in Corpus Christi, Texas, specializes in custom design signage for every application. We offer electric signs, school signs, and banners. Our designers can create engraved lettering for nametags, as well as lettering that meets the Americans with Disabilities Act standards, including Braille signage.

School Signs and Sports Banners

Our athletic banners and school signs can include your recognized seal or insignia. Our school signage options are ideal for raising community support, increasing parent participation, and inspiring team spirit. Get the word out about a club or organization, or announce an upcoming event or game to boost your school's pride for TEA achievements. Our staff can make custom designs to be used indoors or outdoors, with popular placement in your school's:

• Gymnasium
• Cafeteria
• Auditorium
• Library
• Hallways

Trailer Advertising

ADA-Compliant Signage

We are recognized as an ADA-specialist that serves individuals and businesses throughout south Texas. Ever since President Bush signed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) into law on July 26, 1990, proper signage, also called "way-finding," has been required in business and public venues. The ADA law guarantees an equal opportunity for individuals with disabilities to access employment, transportation services, and general communications.

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Engraved Signs

Order your individually engraved or customized braille signs with us. We are experienced in creating ADA-compliant signs to assist disabled individuals, the blind, or vision-impaired. Our staff makes signs that have tactile, raised, and grade II Braille lettering that meet the standards for letter-height and color-contrast specifications for mounting locations to meet ADA regulations.

Electric, Neon, and LED Designs

An outdoor electric light is the most effective and least expensive way to put a spotlight on your business or establishment. We have the necessary equipment to manufacture, install, and service your electric, neon, or LED sign to bring attention to your business from a distance. Our electric signs contain channel letters that are an extremely popular choice by shopping mall vendors. We can cut your sign to meet any design and electrically wire it for effect to make it stand out from the rest.